Current Investigations

Physician's Pain Specialists of Alabama

We are investigating possible medical malpractice claims against Dr. John Patrick Couch and Dr. Xiulu Ruan for patients who were prescribed pain medications in excess of the amount medically necessary and who may have become addicted to their prescription drugs.

Dr. Couch and Dr. Ruan are both physicians who jointly owned and operated a medical practice named Physician’s Pain Specialists of Alabama (“PPSA”), which has two clinic locations in Mobile—one located at 2001 Springhill Avenue and the other at 4682 Airport Boulevard. Dr. Couch and Dr. Ruan also co-own C&R Pharmacy, which is located adjacent to the PPSA location on Airport Boulevard.

Dr. Couch and Dr. Ruan were both arrested on May 20, 2015, on charges of (1) conspiracy to distribute controlled substances outside the usual course of professional practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose, and (2) conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud.  If you have been treated by Physician's Pain Specialist and believe you may have been over prescribed, then please contact us for a consultation.

Wealth Learning Annex

We are investigating possible claims against “the Wealth Learning Annex” for requiring consumers to pay for courses of questionable value using credit card balance transfer checks.  If you enrolled in a class with the Learning Annex and were told you could not pay for the course using a credit card but had to use a balance transfer check then we would like to talk with you.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

We are investigating possible claims against Ford Motor Company for falsely advertising mileage estimates for the 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Fraudulent BP claims

Our firm is investigating fraudulent BP claims. Fraudulent and inflated BP claims have reduced funds available for legitimate claimants.  Please contact this office if you know of anyone who has filed a fraudulent BP claim.

Discover Card Collection Actions

We are investigating Discover Card for filing fraudulent copies of a cardholder's agreement in collection actions.  If you have been sued by Discover Card for charges that arose between 2008 to 2012 then we would like to look at your case.  If you were represented by a lawyer in the Discover Card case, then please ask your lawyer to contact us.

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